See the exciting, heroic exploits of men, women and children who gave their lives that others might live!
Be part of our full-length feature film about Corrie ten Boom’s secret TEENAGE ARMY! To be distributed world-wide... a multi-million dollar film!  For more information go to!
Dr. Peter C. Spencer claims to have found the missing links between science, history, archaeology, ancient myths and the Bible, to reveal a complete picture of what many believe to only be old wive’s tales!
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The Heroes of the Faith programs are in the “A & E” style so popular today.  As much as 1,000 man-hours of research have been poured into each show, to reveal exciting tales rarely published or known elsewhere!


Example: Heroes of the Titanic: Our investigations revealed through a careful search of Senate hearings (1912) that a MYSTERY ship actually approached the Titanic AS IT WAS SINKING, but rather than rescue the perishing it doused out its lights!  It then steamed off like a ghost ship into the frigid black Atlantic night, leaving the screams of the doomed Titanic passengers in its wake.  What was this mystery ship?  Why was it there?  We reveal the identity of this mystery ship shrouded in secrecy for over 50 years. For the first time on National TV.  Mysteries, Miracles and More are uncovered on every show!


DID YOU KNOW WHAT MIRACLES took place on the night of the sinking of the TITANIC, and in the morning following her demise?  We do! And it’s on the HEROES of the Titanic show!


We take exciting and fascinating people or events throughout history (see list) and show how heroes saved lives, liberty and civilizations.  And they were always within a special group of people.  That group? Christians.  By the end of each and every show, it is revealed that the reason these time and life – changing heroes gave selflessly was due to their faith in the ONE who GAVE HIMSELF FOR OTHERS.

“NO greater love has any man than he should lay down his life for a friend.”


To inspire Christians who have grown weary of attacks on their faith and to shift the paradigm of our culture from a humanist, anti-Christian society to one where in 30 minutes the viewer sees the unreported side of the heroics of Christianity.  Our test audiences of non-Christians found these programs fascinating, and the majority admitted their opinion of Christians was altered by the viewing.  When the opinions and paradigms of secular America are shifted, the voice of Americans will support the rights of those of the faith that established this Republic.  It will combat those who want to crush Reason and Truth.  We are convinced that without Christianity, there can be no free or compassionate society.  Our goal is to impress this on the viewer every single week.

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